18 weeks, take 2

I technically was 18 weeks on Friday, but didn’t get a picture til now.  It counts, right?


Movement: I’ve felt a few taps here and there that I think is baby movement, but it’s not frequent enough to convince me.  It’ll come.

Energy: I haven’t been tired, which is really nice.  However, my runs have been shorter, as five miles has just felt like too dang much.  I’ve been doing more like 4, which feels more reasonable right now.  I might stay at 4 or maybe energy will come back and I’ll go up.  Whichever!  I’m just happy to get out for runs and walks (and so is Leo).

Food: Aldi has had the most delicious peaches lately.  I’m digging them diced up with plain yogurt and cheerios.  So good.  I’ve really wanted fruit lately.  I’ve also had decaf coffee more often, which just makes mornings taste right.  And randomly this weekend mozzarella sticks sounded just amazing, so Leo and I got some from Arby’s.  He took one bite and said “no, no.”  Sometimes I really don’t understand my own kid.  FRIED CHEESE, Leo.  Get on board!

Sleep: Me and melatonin are best friends.  Ha!  I take some every night simply because I sleep much better with it – less restless, easier to go back to sleep when I inevitably get up to go to the bathroom around midnight.  Two nights last week I had a hard time sleeping, but that was because of middle-of-the-night breathing treatments for Leo, which required me to think of various songs to sing for 5 minutes while the machine ran.  It woke me up.

Weight: Up about 6 pounds right now.  Can I just say that weight gain with pregnancy is weird?  I know I need to gain and I really don’t stress about it much, but pregnancy weight gain is so inconsistent (at least for me) – I’ll hold steady for a few days and then randomly jump up 2 pounds.  It just is hard to wrap your head around or not be a little freaked out the scale jumped so much at once.  Anyone else?

18 weeks the first time around


4 thoughts on “18 weeks, take 2

  1. Leo … seriously? Seriously! Fried cheese is, well, fried cheese. Pure awesome. I wonder if it’s texture because I was chatting about hitting Three Rivers Festival and whether Miles would eat it.

    Anyway, you look super cute as always and I bought Multigrain Aldi Cheerios so I’m going to have to try out that snack.

    Also, did you see that DQ has a s’mores blizzard? I thought of … me, really, but you too when I saw the commercial.

  2. You look great!!! The whole pregnancy weight gain thing gets me too. Last time I only gained 2 lbs in the 2nd trimester and everything in the 1st and 3rd. This time I’m at zero for the 1st trimester. So weird. I also have the weeks of no weight gain then like 5 lbs overnight. Oh well :). Lucas is with Leo…he doesn’t like mozzarella sticks either. I’m sure they will change their little minds sooner than later on that one.

  3. Do you weigh yourself every day? I wonder if you weighed yourself every week if you would notice a more gradual increase… but maybe you are already doing it (I only ask because my weight can flucuate that much day to day, and I am not pregnant… I just eat too much. Ha ha).

    Where do you get the melatonin?:)

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