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Welcome to the family, nebulizer!


Remember 2 weeks ago when Leo had that super nasty cold that left him wheezing and on breathing treatments?  On Tuesday night it started to creep back in – just with a night of coughing – and by Wednesday evening Leo was back in full-on wheeze mode: miserable, needy, and chest-heaving.  Poor friend.  We started breathing treatments again right away and thank goodness, as Wednesday night was awful.  He was wheezing to rival when he had RSV (maybe worse) and had a fever, too.  Thursday he was still needy and tired, but breathing better, so we kept the treatments up.  We also checked in with the doctor, who gave us a prescription refill and told us to come in if we didn’t continue to see improvement.

In the meantime, we were borrowing our neighbor’s nebulizer machine for treatments.  Their son has allergies and asthma, so they use it as needed but were happy to share it with us.  However, Thursday afternoon his allergies flared up, so they needed the machine back and we decided to just go ahead and get our own machine, especially since we’ve been needing it lately.  A short walk to the medical supply store and ol’ Nebby was home to stay.

On a sidenote, yes, we do plan on asking the nurse or doctor if we should be concerned that Leo’s needed breathing treatments so much recently (RSV in March, cold in May, cold again now) or if it’s not a big deal.  In any case, we’re super grateful for breathing treatments and nebulizers and gracious neighbors and medical supply stores… and for little boys who are starting to get their spunk back!


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  1. Oh, sending you prayers! We’ve only had to do a few treatments with Elden and he screamed bloody murder the entire time 😦 It’s not fun having such a helpless child!

    1. Luckily, Leo does okay with them. We sing songs or watch his favorite train video on YouTube and he sits there quietly. Something to try with Elden? (Although Leo is older.)

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