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Leo, asleep at naptime yesterday:

not enough Mr. Carrots, obviously
Not enough Mr. Carrots, obviously.  Also, please note how Mr. Carrots makes it look like Leo has a mustache (thanks, mom, for pointing that out!).

He insists on sleeping the small-ways in the crib, rather than stretch out lengthwise.  I wonder how transitioning to a bed will go in a couple months.

And Leo’s favorite video right now:

There’s another version that is 2 hours long – just of trains running – and we sometimes put it on when he’s cranky.  He likes to play with his cars and trucks and trains and buses while half-watching.  Funny, transportation kid.

Yesterday morning Leo and I set out on our stroller run like normal.  But 2 miles in Leo got cranky (I think his hands were cold).  I pushed him for as long as I could but eventually he was crying pretty loudly and wouldn’t stop unless I was carrying him.  So I ended up carrying him for over a mile back home.  That is 30+ pounds of heavy heavy toddler!  It was not my favorite thing.

Then last night I got to run a 5k in town with the local running club.  They do trail 5k runs every Tuesday night during the summer, but most of the time I’m in the office on Tuesdays.  However, this week I was in the office Monday, which meant I got to run last night!  We pushed Leo’s bedtime a bit so he and Dave could come along, too.  I finished in 28:47, which is a decent 5k time for me, pregnant or otherwise.  I had a lot of fun running and Dave and Leo had a good time hanging around the park!


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  1. Check if your library has a video/CD called “I love toy trains!” TJ used to love that video. McKenna and I got so sick of it!

  2. Aww, awesome that you got to go to the club run! I hope your next run with Leo is better.

    Do I count FIVE Mr. Carrots?! LOL!

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