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may running and 17 weeks

May running highlights:

Overall I’m really pleased with this month.  I’ve gone running at least 4 days a week.  And generally if I don’t run Leo and I take a walk (unless it’s raining).  I’ve averaging around 10:15 pace with the stroller and 9:30 or less if I go without (less if Dave is running with me – he’s speedy!).  I’ve only had to take one day off for something pregnancy-related – on Thursday of last week my low abs were sore so Leo and I just did a short walk and I tried to take it easy the rest of the day.  Other days I run according to how I’m feeling – 5 miles if I feel good, 4 if I feel okay, 3 or less if I’m tired.  I’m hoping to keep it up!

Last Friday was the last day of May and also week 17!


We had a midwife appointment with all the typical actions – pee in a cup, blood pressure, heartbeat.  Leo liked the heartbeat – “noise!”  We should have an ultrasound scheduled soon, too!

I’ve been big into chili lately, so I made a huge batch in the crockpot to eat for lunch through the week.  Still loving yogurt (with fruit and cereal, especially).  I wouldn’t say no to ice cream, either…

How was your May running?

(week 17 the first time around)


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  1. Total cuteness in that picture! My May mileage was decent. 72 running and 113 overall.

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