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Saturday morning I did a 3 mile treadmill run – it was rainy outside, so I was relegated to the treadmill – and then Leo and I got cleaned up and dressed and headed out for a donut date!


We sat up on the big stools by the window so we could watch the cars and trucks going by.  This was Leo’s first try of donuts (I think?).  He took one bite, shivered, grinned, and said “mmmm!”  I think he’s a fan.

After our donuts we headed home.  It had cleared up by then so we took a long 4 mile walk.  We saw ducks and swans (and baby swans!) and flags and flowers… but no train.  It is a sad sad day for Leo when walks don’t involve any train sightings.  Leo played some while I read and then I got super tired, so Dave took over while I caught a nice 1 hour nap on the couch, snuggled under a big flannel blanket while the wind came in the window.  Glorious!

Later in the day we took a bike ride.  First we went to the college, where I ran Leo through some track drills


and then it was on the school buses.  Leo has been anxious to see school buses but they’re not really out anymore, now that school is over.  So instead we went to the bus parking lot.  Leo was beside himself with happiness and kept chanting “bus bus bus” while dancing in place.  Pure joy.


We’ll definitely be going back there again!

Sunday morning we went for a family run (my favorite!) where Dave pushed me to sub-9 minute miles (and he took over stroller duty, too!).  We also got to get out for a date night!  Sunday was 6 years since the day we met and it was so good to get time together just us.  We went to see the movie Now You See Me (there was also movie theater popcorn, OF COURSE) and afterwards took a walk together.  The end of the movie was a little weak but it was a lot of fun and we both liked it.  We couldn’t quite remember but it’s possible been over a year, maybe 2 since I saw a movie in the theater.  Weird!


What did you do this weekend?


4 thoughts on “donut date

  1. I spent most of the weekend car-shopping for the twins. It’s not as fun as it sounds. Your weekend was much better.

  2. Two years! Cray cray! I heard that movie was kind of weak, which is a bummer! The previews made it look so good!

    Did you know a baby swan is called a cygnet? I just learned that at a baby shower yestrday. LOL.

    I love that you went to the bus barn! And of course, Leo loves donuts!!!!!

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