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the long weekend

I loooove long weekends!  Mine is extra long as I took a vacation day today and am spending it down in Fort Wayne seeing my aunt and uncle and my very-pregnant friend Richele!

Here’s how we spent the weekend: Friday night we had strawberry shortcake for dinner.  This was a tradition in my family growing up that was amazing.  We only did it 2 or 3 nights a summer but we all LOVED it.  Mom would bake shortcake and we’d pile strawberries and coolwhip on top and then go back for seconds and thirds and…


I’ll have the shortcake recipe later this week – it was great!  We used plain yogurt since we didn’t have coolwhip.

Saturday morning we got to hang out with my good friend Colin for a little bit.  He was passing through on his way to Alabama, so we grabbed lunch together.  Colin and I have been friends since we were 13 – 16 years now!

Colin is tall.

The rest of the weekend entailed lots of stroller walks, time at the park, and grocery shopping (along with the normal bits of cleaning and laundry).  

We also made a few trips back and forth to Lowe’s.  About 3 weeks ago our dishwasher punked out.  We had someone come look at it and they were able to do a temporary fix but told us that we’d need to be looking ahead.  The temporary fix lasted one wash (bummer!) so we crossed our fingers for decent Memorial Day sales and jumped in (armed with Consumer Reports and a good amount of time spent debating between two models in store)!

Out with the old:


and in with the new!

ignore the dishes piled up – I gave up washing as it got closer to installation

I am so proud of Dave and grateful for all his work in getting our old dishwasher uninstalled and pulled out and then getting this one prepped and installed.  He had no prior experience and learned it all on the fly from YouTube videos and the manual.  It was a big chunk of time and energy for him!

While we were at Lowe’s Leo made friends with a Mickey watering can.  He visited it both times we went.


He had a blast running around, opening and closing cabinet displays, climbing up on dollies, looking at all the lights/ceiling fans, and pointing at mowers.  By the time we left the store he was actually dirtier than some days at the park.

Oh!  We also snuck in haircuts for the boys.  Leo got a new summer buzz, which will hopefully help with his knotty sweat-head problems!


What did you do with your long weekend?


7 thoughts on “the long weekend

  1. What a fun weekend for you guys! I ran a little half marathon called Bayshore and might have PR’d the crap out of it 🙂

  2. How is Richele?!?! I can’t wait to hear her good news 🙂
    We were mushroom hunting in Northern MI and then we crashed hard after getting home Sunday
    Like – I took 2 naps, we ordered pizza and spent the rest of the time laying on the couch ‘playing’ with the kids 😉

  3. Kim, we bought that dishwasher when we moved into our house in October. It is the BEST, as I’m sure you now know. Consumer Reports really sold us on it! Also, super impressed with Dave’s handy-man-ness. We definitely had it installed for us!

  4. I’m so sorry we couldn’t help with install over our crazy weekend. Super impressed Dave tricked it out on the fly!
    I like your strawberry shortcake tradition. May have to borrow that one… minus the plain yogurt. haha

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