16 weeks, take 2


16 weeks!  I’ve got a few new maternity clothes options, as my sister gifted me with some that she purchased.  These jeans are crazy comfortable and so is the sweater.  I think the sweater makes me look more pregnant, which I don’t mind!

Compare to 16 weeks from Leo:

16 weeks

I’m definitely showing quite a bit more this time, which I was expecting and am loving!

At 16 weeks baby is the size of an avocado.  As for me, I’m in that weird stage where I’m out of the first trimester fatigue but I’m not feeling baby kick yet, so I mostly feel normal and not-pregnant.  I’m super excited to feel movements – that was one of my favorite things about being pregnant.

I take melatonin most nights before bed and I’ve been sleeping awesome!  On nights when I haven’t taken it I feel like I’m more restless and just don’t sleep as deeply.

I haven’t noticed a change with my running and I feel really comfortable.  With the stroller I’m about 10-10:30 minute miles and without around 9:30ish.

I’m not very tired anymore.  I have moments or days, but they’re definitely more rare.  For the most part I feel pretty normal!

I overdid it on grilled cheese and mac and cheese and neither sound that thrilling anymore.  Cheese crackers, however, always sound good (remember how obsessed I was with goldfish crackers with Leo?!).

We go to the midwife this Friday and from there can schedule our ultrasound to find out if baby is a boy or girl.  I. can’t. wait!


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  1. Fun Fun! Glad you are feeling well! I will have to look into the melatonin thing. I am so restless and sleeping horribly already. I too feel MUCH bigger this time (and definitely am showing much more)…but I like it too! And baby boy #2 is moving like crazy now which is definitely one of the BEST parts of being pregnant! Can’t wait to hear if you are going to have a boy or girl! Do you have a preference?

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