aldi wins and fails


This week we picked up a few new items at Aldi to try.  Here’s how they did:

Dark chocolate butter keks: Shannan has talked about these often on her blog and professed her love for them.  Last Friday when we were all hanging out at Taco Time her oldest, Calvin, told me about how butter keks are a whole-body experience.  High praise!  Verdict: delicious.  They taste like a s’more without the marshmallow… and really made me wish I had a marshmallow to slap on top!  WIN.

Biscoff spread: I’ve seen Biscoff cookies and Biscoff spread on lots of blogs and they always talk about how amazing it is, so I bought a bottle to try.  Guys.  I tried the very tiniest amount and I could not get it out of my mouth fast enough.  It was disgusting.  So sickeningly sweet and terrible tasting.  FAIL.

Strawberry fruit twists: These were in the markdown section so I grabbed them as a different kind of snack option for Leo.  As I was packing up the food he wanted something to eat, so I grabbed one out for him.  He licked it – not even a bite – and wanted nothing else to do with it.  His buddy Silas did not have a better experience.  I tried Leo’s rejected one and maybe I have terrible taste buds (possible), but these tasted totally fine to me.  What the what, kids?  It’s a fruit snack in stick form!  FAIL?

Guacamole chips: I bought these for Dave but had to try them when we got home.  YOWZA.  Talk about an item that will be repeated on the store list many many times.  Also, they work really well for getting the taste of biscoff-nasty out of your mouth.  WIN.

What wins and fails have you had at the grocery store lately?


4 thoughts on “aldi wins and fails

  1. OMG! I LOVE Biscoff SO MUCH. Anything sickening sweet and I am in. I hope my ALDI has some! Stock up for me!!! It’s expensive at the other stores.

    I wish I could try those guac chips! They have milk in them. They look so good 🙂

  2. LOVE ALDI’s! We get flounder from there a lot and they have these amazing “cookies”. It’s like if you turned a hoho into a cookie. Crazy delish but they are seasonal.

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