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On Saturday Leo and I drove down to Fort Wayne to go to the zoo with our friends.  Dave is in the midst of a nasty cold with lots and lots of phlegm, so he stayed home to rest and cough up his lungs in private.  We had a great time at the zoo – the weather was sunny but not too hot, the zoo wasn’t crowded, and the kids loved walking around and seeing the animals (Although to be honest Leo was far far far more excited about the canadian geese than he was about any other animal.  Go figure.).  It was such a great time!

train ride!
train ride! me, Mylin, Rachel, Sully, Joel, and Leo
little campers
little campers
peacock strutting
peacock strutting
kids holding hands = precious
kids holding hands = precious


On Sunday we were supposed to meet up with some more friends for the day, but those plans got cancelled because both boys ended up sick.  By Sunday morning Leo was a coughing, phlegmy, miserable mess.  He didn’t sleep well and Dave and I didn’t want to take a sick, cranky kid over to hang out with friends (or get them and their kid sick!).  Instead we hung out at the house and then took a trip to the county park.  Leo had a sweaty head from a bit of a fever, but he was happy to get dirty and do some slides.  After a bit he was too tired to play anymore, so we grabbed the umbrella stroller out of the trunk and took a walk.  About 20 minutes in this happened:


Poor little tuckered guy.  We came back around to the car and had a picnic lunch together, then packed up and headed home to get Leo down for a proper nap.

It might not make sense to take Leo to the park when he’s breaking a fever and coughing, but it works really well for him.  He’s less miserable if he’s outside and distracted and it helps wear him out so he can sleep better.  We do try to pick areas where others aren’t around (we had this playground completely to ourselves) so we’re not setting other kids up for disease.

Later in the day I got confirmation from the nurse-on-call to use some leftover albuterol prescription from Leo’s RSV and to do some breathing treatments with a nebulizer to try to help his congestion.  So now we’re doing breathing treatments again, which seems to be helping – or at least helped him sleep better last night.

Sunday afternoon when Leo woke up from his nap we decided to go on a family run.  It was hot – 83 degrees – but we had a great time and covered 5 miles in 47:52.  I would not have lasted 5 miles if Dave hadn’t come along and pushed the stroller for me.  We also stopped for 3 water breaks!

Post run 15 week shot!


How was your weekend?


3 thoughts on “weekend tricks

  1. Well…my weekend was lovely, considering I spend some of it with you! Thanks for posting the sweet pictures 🙂
    So great to spend time with you guys – can’t wait to do it again soon!
    p.s. surprised the cookies didn’t make the blog…maybe there were no cookies to take a picture of?! 😉

  2. Ugh! I feel so bad that both of the boys were sick! That works for me too though – spending time outside seems to help me get better, except when the sun makes my eyes water! 🙂

    15 weeks! Time is flying!

    I had a really nice weekend with friends and family! 🙂

  3. I love how you add visuals to your entries, Kim. And it looks like, despite the sicknesses, you made the best of your time at the zoo. My weekend was spent, first, en route to Canada, and then at a Whitecaps game and wandering around the big city!

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