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the return of stroller running?

Lately Dave has been taking Leo for a morning walk as soon as he gets up from his crib (well, diaper change first, of course).  He’s done really well with these and clearly loved them, so I thought why not try stroller runs again?  I’m not running as far right now, so my mileage could fit well with his attention span.  Bonus: early in the morning he’s a little more content to just sit and watch things roll by than he is later in the day when he wants to be busy and get dirty.

Yesterday morning Dave got Leo up and changed his diaper while I got ready.  Armed with cheerios and raisins, a matchbox car, and the flashing LED light strapped to the stroller, we hit the streets.  Ordinarily I wouldn’t feel great running with a stroller in the dark, but the flashing LED light helps and Leo and I are only on the street for a few blocks, and it’s a small side one.  The rest of the time we are on sidewalks.

Leo did awesome.  We pointed out the stars and sky and looked for the moon (it was a no-show).  He talked about cars.  He munched on snacks.  He called for trains.  He asked for cheese.  He didn’t fuss once.  We covered 4 miles in 40:37 and finished our run at the parking lot across from our house.  A bus is often parked there overnight and as Leo is obsessed with buses, he loves to visit this one.  He jumped out of the stroller and sprinted around the bus, happily showing me the wheels, headlights, mirrors, bumper, and windshield.

I loved it, too.  I had kind of forgotten how much I loved those runs with Leo.  Even though we’re not necessarily talking the whole time, it still is just a special time for us to share together.  And now that he’s older it is fun to point things out to him and to ask him questions while we go.  I’m really hopeful that we can share some more morning runs together this summer!


2 thoughts on “the return of stroller running?

  1. Aww! I am so happy the stroller runs are returning! I hope the moon makes an appearance for the next one! Hee hee.

    That is so cute that Leo is obsessed with buses! City and school buses? 🙂

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