round 2

Thanks for the sweet comments on our announcement yesterday!  We’re really excited!

Round 2 of pregnancy has been much the same as round 1, with a few differences:

1) Need to sleep.  Like Leo, I’ve been tired.  Except I’ve been tiiiiiiiiired.

IMG_20130325_070432For a couple weeks I would get up, shower, then put Barney on for Leo while I crashed out on the couch for another hour.

Then Dave and I reworked our schedule a little so I could sleep in a bit and that has really helped.  Apparently when pregnant I need 9 hours of sleep, not 8.  As in do or die.  I still sometimes need a nap, but they’re definitely more once a week rather than once (or twice) a day.

2) Food.  Much like Leo, vegetables instantly sounded tongue-curling awful.  And carbs, mmmm carbs.  And cheese!  I reverted to kindergarten food – grilled cheese, pbj, macaroni and cheese, crackers, pretzel sticks, fruit.  Last week I had the first salad I’ve had in a long time and the past two days vegetables have started to sound not-so-bad anymore.

3) Pill popping.


With Leo, I only took a prenatal vitamin.  Then after I had Leo I had 3 cavities, which the dentist said was probably a result of pregnancy (and my mom said happened to her, too).  So I started taking calcium/magnesium/zinc supplements after that and then when I got pregnant again I made sure I was definitely taking them!  I’m also taking fish oil every day (midwife’s recommendations), as well as spirulina.

4) Restless nights.  With Leo I would sometimes have trouble falling asleep or waking up in the middle of the night for hours.  This time it’s happened, too, but I’ve been taking melatonin when I need it and it’s made a huge difference!

5) Still running.  For a few weeks I wasn’t running at all, as I was too tired.  And last week the tired came back briefly, so I just walked those days.  But most days I’m feeling good enough to get up and run.  I’ve been doing about 4 miles.  Some days I’ve done 5 or 6, but most of the time it’s 4.  And actually this weekend I’m running (and probably walking some) of the Kenosha half marathon with Kim, Kimberly, and Bobbi!

And that’s about it.  Like with Leo, I’ve had a pretty easy first trimester, no nausea or sickness.  I count myself very fortunate!  I’ve been less self-conscious about my body this time around.  The first time I just felt thick and bloated but not actually like I looked pregnant.  This time I’ve been much less concerned about it.  I might look pregnant, I might look like I gained weight… whatever!  I think having Leo keep me busy has helped with that and I’m really grateful for it!

I expect I’ll probably do weekly updates on here again (for our sake, too, as we like looking back) although I might not start for awhile, at least until I’m starting to show.  Oh, and yes, we plan on finding out the gender again.  We can’t wait!

Woohoo for more babies!


6 thoughts on “round 2

  1. I am so glad you are feeling well! (I didn’t want you to puke in the car, you know. Selfish me.) Ha! I can’t imagine the fatigue with chasing toddler + pregnancy. I got to bed at 8:30 without being with child.

  2. Aww, you look so cute snuggled up on the couch! I want to come snuggle with you!

    I am happy the first trimester is going so well. And that you aren’t feeling body conscious too. That is so awesome 😉

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