Now that Leo seems to be over his strange sleep regression (for the most part), we’ve changed up a few things with his bedtime.  Namely:

1) Disposable diaper.  Now that Leo is bigger, his diapers get much wetter at night, even when we stuffed them full.  He was waking up around 2am asking for a diaper change.  We could have tried stuffing the diaper even more, but that seemed excessive and probably uncomfortable.  Instead we’re just doing a disposable diaper at night.  Leo seems much more comfortable and isn’t asking for a diaper change.  He’s still fine in cloth for naptime.  And actually feeling wetter in cloth diapers isn’t a bad thing – we’re hoping this encourages him toward potty training, as he’ll be increasingly uncomfortable in a wet diaper.  We took a risk and tried Aldi brand disposable diapers and hey, good news, they work just fine.  No leaks so far!

2) Later bedtime.  Previously Leo was going to bed at 6pm and waking up around 4am. We waited to move his bedtime until he was through the sleep regression.  He now goes to bed about 6:30 or 6:45.  This gives us time after dinner to go for a family walk, which is fun, too.  And lately Leo’s been sleeping until 5 or 5:30am, which is pretty great for him.  One morning he even slept until 6:30!  Dave and I hardly knew what to do with ourselves!

Here’s how our nighttime routine looks now: we eat dinner at 5pm.  After we finish Dave and Leo play/chase each other while I throw stuff in the dishwasher/wash up pots.  We clean up the downstairs together, asking Leo to help gather his toys and put them in baskets.  Then we go for a family walk.  Depending on how nice it is, how much energy we/Leo have, and if Leo needs a bath we determine how long the walk is.  We try to get home by 6:15 (earlier if it’s bath night) and then Leo gets to run around in just his diaper for a bit, which is his favorite.  Then pajamas, brushing teeth, reading Leo’s children bible, singing, hugs and kisses, and he’s down and we’re out!  Generally Leo will talk/kick around his crib for 10-30 minutes, but he rarely cries (or rarely cries enough that we need to go in).  Eventually he just talks himself to sleep.

Completely unrelated: here’s a picture from Sunday, when we had a family date at Starbucks.



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  1. So glad it’s going well!!! I am in love with warmer weather and outside-addictions that leave us all tired and ready for bed to sleep well all night long – I hope that continues for you guys too!

    Your hair is so cute 🙂

  2. Yay for sleeping in!!! Also, when did you start having him brush his teeth? What process do you use (toothpaste? if so, what)? Now that Elden has 8 teeth I’m not sure what we’re supposed to do and/or when we’re supposed to do it!!

    1. We first brushed around 15 months but it wasn’t an every-night habit until 18 months. Right now it’s probably more for the habit than the actual teeth-brushing, as he tends to suck the toothpaste off the brush as soon as it hits his mouth. We brush his teeth first and then we let him take a turn, with some guided help (or he just chews the bristles). We do use toothpaste – Kiss My Face kids’ toothpaste.

  3. I’m glad night time is starting to improve! We only did cloth diapers for about a week with the twins. I couldn’t take it anymore. So, if the Earth is doomed, you can blame my children 🙂

  4. I’m so glad to hear he’s sleeping better!! I remember those phases and it’s such a relief when they end! You guys made such smart changes too – parenting is such a guessing game, isn’t it? That’s how I often feel anyway. 🙂

  5. We ended up doing this when we used cloth too. They just don’t hold as much! And sleep was so much more important to me than 1 diaper a day…

    I love that he still loves to run around without his clothes at night, and that you let him 🙂

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