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The past week (2 weeks?) or so I’ve moved to running outside again.  I’m very all or nothing – once I go treadmill I only want to run on the treadmill.  And once I go outside I only want to go outside.  So a few weekends ago it was really warm and I went for a run outside.  Since then the treadmill has held no motivation for me.  But getting outside?  Perfection.  Even though it’s been cold lately (Sunday morning was “feels like” 17 – hooray!) I’ve still gotten out.  I’ve been getting up at 4:30 or 5am depending on the day, getting dressed, grabbing a handful of raisins, and hitting the streets.  I wear Dave’s handy blinking LED light on my arm so I’m nice and noticeable, although I also run on well-lit streets and through a college campus.  I get home about 6am and switch places with Dave, who heads out for his own run.

For a season the treadmill is perfect for me – I can work on speed, I zone out and watch movies, I do hills.  But it’s also really good for me to get outside, listen to my footfalls and breath, go whatever speed I want.  Plus while running in the dark can kind of freak me out (nobody steal me!) it’s also super relaxing and calming.  I feel faster in the dark.  I feel more at peace with just me and the slap of my shoes and the rasp of my breath.  Sometimes I even see another runner.  So all in all, I’m glad it’s warmed up (at least somewhat) so I can get back outside again.  And for now my runs are solo, as Leo has proven he’s a walk-on-his-own sort of guy!

Also, this is my brand new running watch, bought with birthday money:


It’s fun and pink and keeps a record of my runs, although I put them on mapmyrun so it’s unlikely I’ll ever scroll through the memory file on that.  Apparently it can also pace me by metronome, should I want (I haven’t thus far).  My requirements for a running watch are pretty simple: stopwatch, fun color, inexpensive (because the chances of it getting lost are kind of high, judging from the past).  I’ve thought about going big for a Garmin, but I’m not convinced I really need all the numbers on it – the exact pace, the exact distance.  I like running based on how I feel.  Plus, those watches are ding-dang expensive, especially compared to my $20-is-splurging standards.

Oh yeah, I should probably acknowledge that my whole “PR a half marathon on the treadmill this winter” never happened.  I did get faster over the course of the winter.  I started out running around 6.0 as my “comfortable” pace and at the end 6.5 or 6.7 were “comfortable” for me.  But I never hit the pace I needed for a treadmill PR (7.2) and I never even attempted it, honestly.  C’est la vie!

Do you like running in the dark?  Do you have a running watch?


2 thoughts on “getting outside

  1. Woohoo for running outside! And that watch is so sassy looking. To be honest, I rarely look at my pace anymore on my GPS thinger during a run. As long as you map your route, no point really.

    I’ve found that I’m the same way with the ‘mill. Once I decided I was done with it, I can’t bear to even think of going back on it. I find my way planning a week based on when I can run + weather.

  2. Yay for getting outside! I prefer running in the dark. I find it relaxing, like you do. I kind of struggle with the sun, for runs.

    Love the new pink watch! I wish the running watch I had was in a fun color!

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