a day in the life: 20 months


Dear Leo,

Happy 20 months!  It is certain: you have left babyhood behind for good.  You are full-blown, 100% active toddler boy, full of laughter, ideas, and busyness.  You make us laugh every day with your antics and your jokes.  You melt our hearts with your snuggles and your hot little hands and your wispy every-which-way hair.  You wear us out with sleepless nights and difficult moods.  You remind us again and again how much richer and crazier and sweeter our lives are with you.

You are obsessed with buses and talk about them constantly.  Luckily, a good number of school buses pass by our house on a daily basis and you love to watch them from the window, shouting “bus!” and then immediately, “more!”  One night you woke up at 3:30am and when I went in you told me “buses, outside, buses.”  Now that it’s warmer we’ll take a walk over to the high school to see the buses parked there.  It’s a long walk for you – 2 miles – but you walk the entire way, which we find impressive (and also evidence of your boundless-energy).


You also love trucks, slides, swings, dogs, berries, bread, and cheese.  All of these words come out of your mouth often, and sometimes at random times.  You can put down a pint of strawberries in one sitting, although we don’t let you.  You would happily invite yourself into every stranger’s yard to use their playset.  You love to throw rocks, pinecones, and sticks into the road or into the water.  You like playing with dirt and sand and gravel.

the new play area at the mall is awesome and you loooove it.

You know so many words now and while you aren’t putting any together into sentences, we often have a pretty good idea what you are wanting or thinking.  You say bus, mess, house, goose, and yes very clearly.  Other words are a little less clear, but you’re getting better all the time.  For all your activity you still love to read and will plow through 20 books or more in one sitting.  Your favorites right now are Clifford the Big Red DogCurious GeorgeTrucks (a lift-the-flap book), and Stripes.  You know lots of animals and sounds, a lot of body parts, and the difference between hot and cold.

For the past month you’ve had rough nights – waking often and seeming unsettled.  We thought maybe it was molars (and maybe it was) or some strange developmental leap or sleep regression.  But just as strangely as you jumped into sleeplessness, you’re easing out of it, waking less and going back to sleep on your own.  We’re grateful and looking forward to old sleep patterns again!

Your favorite games are wrestling, being chased, and throwing balls.  You especially like when Pa does this with you.  And speaking of Pa, he’s still your absolute favorite.  You adore him and ask for him constantly when he’s not around.  You have good taste.

IMG_20130416_155610 (1)

You also love chasing Mosie (she doesn’t love that as much), playing with your friends Silas and Eli, rocking on your rocking horse (you can do it yourself now!), lining up your matchbox cars, listening to music, and helping us clean up.


We love you so much, Leo, and love our time with you.  You’re a good boy!

Love, Ma and Pa