Things have been on the wild side over here… or rather the sleepless side.  Leo hasn’t slept through the night since Easter which is, frankly, too dang long.  We’ve gone through various stages: it started with him waking up at 3:30am every morning, then moved to waking up multiple times a night (like 6-8 times), and now has turned in to waking up several times a night (3-4) as well as waking up at 4am for the day.

We’re either in the throes of some seriously nasty sleep regression or 2 year molars that are taking their ever-loving time. Or something else entirely that is beyond the scope of my tired mind.

Here’s what works… sometimes: teething tablets (these worked when he was waking up at 3:30am and got him to settle back down til 5am), going in and rubbing his back, tylenol.  Here’s what almost never works: letting him cry it out.  He ends up working himself up and then not going back to sleep at all.  We suspect it is molars but other than the completely bizarre sleep, we’ve got no signs of them.  I finger-sweep his mouth on a daily basis, mining for some molar gold and I have yet to come up with even a corner of a tooth.  They don’t even look swollen or red.  We’ve been giving tylenol at times in case it is teething and it does generally seem to help him sleep.  But if he’s not teething we’d rather not be giving him tylenol just for the hey of it.

Okay wise mamas out there, give me the bad news and the good advice.  What.the.heck?!?!  


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  1. So. Friggin. Weird. We’ve had some changes in sleep schedule but nothing like this. I’m not sure people would agree with this – and I wouldn’t do it long-term – but have you tried dosing him before bed? We’ve done that with Miles when he’s in the throes of teething or on the verge of cold. I’d also suggest ibuprofen as some studies like acetaminophen to asthma. I’m wondering whether it’s separation anxiety or night terrors. I know he has the carrot but maybe a little extra something in the bed to comfort him. Best of luck (and two weeks to child-less sleep)!

  2. Hi Kim! My guess is that is has to do with the 18-21 month developmental leap that lots of kids experience. I’ve ready TONS of threads on the Babywise forum/message board that I belong to. What you are describing is not at all uncommon during this phase. That doesn’t make it any easier though. :-/ If you’re interested, you can join the group and read through all the old posts on this topic and/or post a new question. The moms on there are mostly all Christian and very helpful and encouraging. If you go to babywisemom.blogspot.com then click on the “G” (Google icon) on the right hand side, you can request to join. I don’t have tons of advice because that was a year ago for Reilly — I do remember she was waking at night a lot which she hadn’t done forever…. and even in the early night hours (like 10 p.m.) and wouldn’t go back to sleep. We actually resorted to rocking with a Praise Baby video on super quiet in the family room on nights when she was inconsolable. I was worried about started bad habits, but in time it just phased out…. I think. I’m sure we did some cry it out too eventually. All that to say, I do think it’s normal and some extra cuddling won’t hurt but I know it’s exhausting.

    Oh and on the early waking thing, have you seen the toddler clocks they have that you can set to light up at a certain time? Leo is just about the age where he could start learning that you will come get him when the clock lights up (it will take a while for him to get, but it really does work!). Search for tot clocks on Amazon. Hope that helps a little!


  3. okay, found some typos. “I’ve read tons of threads on the Babywise forum I belong to about this very sleep regression that happens between 18-21 months.”

  4. What time is he going to bed? What times is he most often waking up? E is sleeping about 10 hours a night with a 2-3 hour nap during the day? I know at one time he went to bed around 6. Have you tried pushing bedtime a little later? I don’t really have any good advice, just empathy because daaaaang, I’m tired just thinking about waking up like that!

  5. Maybe make sure you’re not giving him much of anything to drink close to bedtime? If he’s getting really wet in the night that might be waking him up. Do you notice he wakes up more after eating certain foods? Like maybe he’s allergic to something and is having gas pain or something? I heard from one parent who said their kid was having inner ear problems and it was laying down that hurt so once they got that figured out it got better. Or let him cry it out. We went through that phase and as soon as we started going in during night time crying they got significantly worse – when the kid realizes crying will bring parents they will do it more and more. So we finally decided not to go in. 3 hours of crying. The next night, an hour. The next night, 30 minutes. It took awhile but eventually the waking up stopped. Maybe he won’t stop waking up in the middle of the night, but he’s got to learn to put himself back to sleep with no interaction from you at some point so you can return to sanity!!!

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