birthday weekend

Saturday was my birthday (29!), so I was given free reign for what I wanted to do.  I slept in, then had birthday pancakes with Dave and Leo while watching Jack Hanna’s Animal Adventure (a weekend tradition for us, really).  Then I read for a bit while Dave took Leo out for a walk.  Later in the morning I headed out on my own, but sadly found most places were closed until late morning.  I finally landed at the library and checked out some books and sat and read People magazine for a little bit.  Then it was home for boxed macaroni and cheese – a favorite birthday meal of mine since I was little.  While Leo napped I watched Say Yes to the Dress off Amazon Prime.  Once Leo got up we all headed over to one of our favorite antique stores to look around.  Dave and I took turns with Leo outside while we looked around the store and talked to the really sweet owner.  I saw lots of beautiful pieces, but all way too expensive (think $600… but incredible rope beds, dressers, trunks, quilts, tables).  Then we came home and chilled out for the rest of the night, just hanging out as a family.

trying on Dave's shoes
trying on Dave’s shoes

Sunday morning Dave and I took turns running and got Leo down for an early nap (by early I mean 30 minutes earlier than normal).  As soon as he woke up we changed his diaper, tossed some snacks in the car, and hit the road!  We were headed to the ZOO.

Leo had yet to visit a zoo but we recently purchased a family pass to the local zoo.  We were super excited to go, even though the day didn’t end up being as warm as it was supposed to be.  We had so much fun and I know we’ll end up back there a lot this summer!



riding the train
riding the train

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  1. That sounds like a great way to spend your birthday! And it must have been fun to go around that shop even though everything was $$$ LOL

    Love the pics from the zoo! I thought that was a real turtle at first. Ha ha!

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