stroller runs… or not

Remember last year when Leo and I went on long stroller runs every day?  We would cruise the streets for an hour, two hours, sometimes even more.  We racked up the miles.  We made friends with people we saw everyday.  We had a routine.

Fast forward to now.  Leo is 19-almost-20 months, busy as can be, and super excited to run everywhere and every direction he can.  The stroller is a good option… as a vehicle to take him to a nearby park, or for a few blocks.  But for an hour?  For even a few miles?  Nope.

This is how most stroller runs have ended:


While I love (love) holding hands with my little Gus and walking with him, it’s not exactly conducive to running.  On this particular day we ended up running 4 miles… only because I got Leo to hold on long enough by baiting him with the promise of another park further down the trail (we stopped 3 times).

For right now stroller runs have, for the most part, been retired.  I’m hopeful that in the future they could be reintroduced?  But it’s also possible that Leo is a busy guy and just won’t be up for it – that he’ll always want to be on his own two feet.  And hey, in a few years we can run together, sans stroller entirely!


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