post-easter wrap-up

We made it home.  On Thursday Dave and Leo and I headed south to Tennessee.  We stopped overnight in Cincinnati with good friends of ours.  Dave and I got time to catch up with Paula and Andy and Leo got time with their two dogs, which he loved.  On Friday morning we packed up and left Cinci about 7am, which got us in to my parents’ in Tennessee about 2pm (plus a lunch break at Cumberland Gap national park in Kentucky).  Leo did a great job in the car!  We watched videos (a lot of Barney but also Elmo and even a little Finding Nemo), played with cars, and read books.  All in all, Leo was pretty dreamy for the ride on both days.

Saturday and Sunday we spent hanging out with family – swimming at the YMCA (Leo remains unconvinced about the merits of swimming), cooking and eating, watching the cousins play, dyeing eggs, an Easter egg hunt (Leo loved it!), Easter baskets, and more.  It was such a great time hanging out together and so fun to see Leo with his cousins (ages 5 and 3) and their dog.  Previously Leo hasn’t been as interactive with his cousins, so it was really great to see them playing together and him really loving his time with them.  At one point the three of them were playing Ring Around the Rosie together.  Precious.

On Monday morning we headed back to Cinci, with another lunch stop at Cumberland Gap.  Leo did well in the car and took a great nap, which we were thrilled with.  Tuesday morning he woke up early – 3:30am – so we got on the road by 4:30am and made it home before 9am.  An early morning for sure, but it was nice to get home early in the day and left us plenty of time to unpack and do laundry.  Leo took a long nap and then I went out for groceries while Leo and Dave took a walk to the library and the park.  We finished off the night with a delicious veggie minestrone soup and leftover Easter candy!

Now it’s back to the regular routine of work and all that.  I miss vacation and family time!

A couple extra pictures from the trip:

little boy in a big field
little boy in a big field
Easter egg hunt!
Easter egg hunt!


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  1. uh, waking up at 3:30am?!?!? it’s called RUM. JK. But seriously, not much change in the sleeping schedule?

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