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what’s a gusser say?

It was a weekend of March Madness, of walks outside, of popcorn and banana ice cream dinners, of errands, of more basketball.  On Saturday I went to the store to find little toys for Leo.  We’re gearing up for a big trip to Tennessee for Easter, so we’re stocking ourselves with things we can hand him in the car to keep him distracted and happy.  I found some cars (two wooden, two Hot Wheels) and a ball with moving parts at Target.  We also have some sticker books, music CDs that he loves, and plan on grabbing some kids’ DVDs from the library for him as well.  I have one or two more things I’d like to find before we leave Thursday, but if not, no big deal.  One is a PEZ dispenser – I’m convinced that Leo would love a fun PEZ dispenser – something he can easily hold, move the head open and closed, etc.  Didn’t see any at Kroger but I’ll keep searching.  Any other car ideas?

On Saturday this happened, which was hilarious (Leo’s nickname is Gusser).

How was your weekend?


2 thoughts on “what’s a gusser say?

  1. LOVE!!!!
    Road trips…portable dvd player?
    Keeping a schedule…like a set time for reading books, a set time for playing with cars, a videa, etc. Keep your normal routine you have at home in the car…someone suggested that to us (they have 5 kids) and we tried it when we took them to Alabama in Nov. and it worked well for Mylin! We would tell her ‘it’s still time to look at books, not time for snack yet – so if you choose to throw yourbooks and not look at them right now then you won’t have anything to play with for the next 5 minutes until snack time’

    Good luck, friends!

  2. We get a lot of miles out of the books with flaps, especially now that he’s into finding things. Does Leo like drawing or coloring? We have a soap box with crayons and a pad of sticky notes that I hand back sometimes. Also, I found a cheap magna doodle at Dollar Tree that Elias will draw on. I say keep the movies and snacks flowing! 🙂

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