a day in the life: 19 months


Oh, Leo.  At 19 months you’re even more of a toddler (tantrums, opinions, but also understanding of ideas, connections you make, your growing sense of humor).  It’s been a rougher month, with you being sick twice – first RSV and then with a stomach bug that has taken a full week to kick (and we’re just on the other side of it).  That’s been hard on all of us, but especially you.  It’s also been a long winter and you are antsy for spring.  You don’t understand when it’s too cold to go outside and you get so frustrated that you can’t go for a walk or play.  We are really looking forward to warm weather!

Your schedule is much the same that it was at 18 months, except some nights you stay up til 7pm talking to yourself in your crib (but not crying, so we’re happy about that).  You often wake up too early in the morning – both before we want you to and before it seems like you’re really ready to.  Generally you’ve pooped, which wakes you up, and you’re still tired and cranky.  But if we change your diaper and put you back down it’s no dice and you just holler until we come get you.  So.

You are obsessed with Barney and ask for him multiple times a day (“Bah!  Bah!”).  Because you’ve been sick and it’s so cold out, you’ve been indulged more than normal.  But get ready, buddy, because now that you’re feeling better and warm weather is coming your tv time is about to get drastically reduced.

You love to point at things to identify them – body parts and animals especially (and you know so many!).  You still love trains, cars, stacking items, reading books, climbing on things, music, stairs (you like to jump down them now rather than step), and exploring.  At a store recently you automatically high-fived this mannequin in JC Penney as we passed by.


You love to be “big” and to imitate what we are doing.  You stretch against the wall with Pa after he finishes running and want to drink from his water glass at dinner.  You push your wagon around while I’m sweepering and get your towel yourself for bath times.  You talk on your pretend phones.  You push the stroller or shopping cart when we go out.  You tell us that the fireplace and the oven are “hot.”  You kiss all your animals goodnight before bed.  And you looooove to pretend cut your toenails with the clippers.


You love baths, your Easter window clings, wrestling with Pa, other kids, being silly, your best friend Silas, itsy bitsy spider, watching videos of yourself, being outside, checking the mail, sorting and stacking, running around naked or just in a diaper, brushing your teeth (I think you just like the toothpaste), making any item a hat, and boots.  You don’t like the map in Dora the Explorer (you always get sort of fussy/angry/scared), being told no or to wait, jell-o (we learned this when you were sick and I ask, what toddler doesn’t love jell-o??), the idea of diaper changes, or getting dressed.

We love you, Leo!  Sick or healthy, fussy or happy, we love every month with you!


3 thoughts on “a day in the life: 19 months

  1. OMG the high fives. Leo is TOTALLY my type of person.

    Related: I tried creeping you on Facebook to add you as a friend but couldn’t find you! Womp womp

  2. Oh, he is so adorable – doesn’t like jello? That makes him a unique child? The best part about that age is watching the language development – love it!

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