new hooves

I got a new pair of running shoes this week and I find them pretty ugly (apologies if you love the all-black shoe; it’s just not for me):


I don’t love them.  In fact, I think they look like hooves.  But – important detail – they were $85 compared to the $110 I’d have to buy for another color.  That’s enough of a savings to make ugly shoes worthwhile, at least to me.

These are my favorite shoes (Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11):


I love the bright colors, the fun laces, everything.  I now use these for walking.

But in order to dress up my hooves (and maybe de-hoof them a bit) I swapped the laces.  Less hoof-like?


Or just hooves with teal laces?  Any other ideas for how to spruce up these shoes?  Anybody got a bedazzler?


3 thoughts on “new hooves

  1. I think the bright laces help. I’m with you, though. NOT an all-black running shoe girl and I’d pay the extra to not have all black shoes. I absolutely LOVE that my Newtons are bright freaking orange.

  2. Yes, they look GREAT with the laces. I love the great techno bright shoes but I have the mostly black Brooks which I LOVE because they work for my body. I’m on my second pair.

  3. LOL! The laces are a great idea! I was NOT a fan of black shoes until I started trail training, then I loved how they covered up all the mud I was running through 🙂

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