boca burger stir fry

First, a confession.  I had a not so great mom moment yesterday.  We’ve been giving Leo really bland foods – toast, rice, bananas, applesauce, yogurt, crackers, chex and cheerios – but yesterday he saw me eating an orange and asked for some.  I thought maybe it wasn’t a good idea but I also though “oh, a little bit can’t hurt.”  He ate three bites and then promptly upchucked on the floor.  So.  Couple lessons learned: 1) Leo’s stomach is still very delicate right now 2) when I know something isn’t good for him, own up and say no instead of giving in a little.  Oy.  At least he puked and then was totally fine and relatively happy.

I have no segue for Leo puking and dinner last night so… let’s just move on.

This is a great stir fry option for those nights when you don’t have much time or energy for dinner… or for those days where you have a stomach bug-riddled toddler (we’re still squarely in disposable diapers after a few “episodes” yesterday… none as traumatic as the big one).  I also don’t have a picture because Dave was hanging with Leo while I got dinner ready and Leo was crying a lot so in between things I was running different options upstairs for Leo to try to eat while Dave tried to distract him.  Crackers and Barney eventually won.  Anyhow.

No recipe needed for this stir fry.  Just chop up a couple boca burgers (one for each or more if you like), a bell pepper or two, two small or one big onion(s), a heap of garlic, and add in whatever other veggies you like – we did frozen broccoli.  Add in some olive oil to coat and cover for the first 10 minutes, cooking on medium high.  Uncover and add some liberal dashes of soy sauce and stir again.  Keep stirring occasionally as it cooks.  Ours finished in about 30 minutes and we topped it off with nutritional yeast and chowed down.

What’s your fast favorite meal?


3 thoughts on “boca burger stir fry

  1. On nights when I work late I have 2 go-to casserole recipes that my kids always love and I know they are getting their vegetables: tuna fish casserole, and tator tot hotdish. Neither one of those I will eat but those are the nights I reach for my salad tub. Hope Leo feels better soon!

  2. Ugh! I feel bad that Leo is still not feeling well. Poor little guy!

    NOM! I used to love boca burgers mixed up like that! I used to mix them with eggs and potatoes when I ate eggs. I use the burgers that we sell on Fake Meats for fast meals!

  3. Poor Leo! I hope he gets feeling better soon. Toddler vomiting is the worst. Poor things don’t know what is happening to them. We use the towel thing when Ella is sick too!

    Josh makes this awesome peanut butter stirfry. We only make it every once in a while because I can eat all of it by myself. It’s that good.

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