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getting ready for easter

Yesterday Leo received a package in the mail – window cling-on Easter decorations!  My Aunt Penny sent them to him.  She always has really thoughtful, sweet gifts for Leo.  We immediately put them on the window on the landing so he can see them and touch them.  They’re pretty thick, so they squish a little when you push on them, which Leo likes.



It’s fun to have some kid-friendly decorations in the house!

For dinner last night we had these loaded veggie burgers.  I actually didn’t like the sweet potato hash, but I can be weird about sweet potatoes.  Egg on burger though?  Brilliant!


The burgers were pretty great, too.  I did a completely different take on the recipe since I didn’t have black beans.  I mashed together 2c. of pinto beans, a bunch of garlic, salt, oregano and basil, about 1/4c. nutritional yeast, 1/4c. ground psyllium husk, and an egg, then fried them up in a little olive oil.  They were awesome!

And we finished off the night with an almost-naked toddler.  Check out that belly!


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