taking walks

A new favorite thing to do: take walks with Leo!  Leo loves going outside and will often bring us his boots and say “Side?  Side?”  Sometimes we turn him down, but if we can, we try to get out for a walk.  This past weekend Dave and Leo walked (and strollered) for about 2 hours on Sunday!  Yesterday it was colder, so Leo and I just did a quick 10 minute, 4 block walk.  Leo doesn’t want to hold hands (I make him at roads) and is doing much better at staying on the sidewalk.  He doesn’t often get distracted and just trots along happily!  Looking down and seeing him walking next to me is one of my favorite things.  I imagine this spring and summer we’ll be going out for a lot of walks!

walking buddy
walking buddy

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  1. Aww man! Leo is growing up so fast! I love that he wants to go outside. He is going to be super active like mom and dad! 🙂

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