back on the train

train station

I’m back on the overnight train to Pennsylvania.  No extension cord this time.  I thought about bringing it but decided no.  Instead, I’m packing lots of hand-me-down baby clothes.  You see, I’m on my way to meet and snuggle this little sweetie:


Meet Astrid, my newest niece, born February 11 (her due date!).  I can’t wait to see her!

I’ll get in to Erie around 7:30am this morning.  Shannan – my night owl friend – took me to the train station at midnight last night.  First we stocked ourselves up on chips and salsa and enjoyed some kid-free time together. It was glorious!

I’m taking the train to PA but I’ll drive our now-fixed car home on Sunday.  Remember how I got stranded in PA last time, first with my car and then with snow?  My sister, Jill, is currently stranded in PA from the snowstorm so I’ll get to see her, too!  WIN!  (Also, Kelly and Keegan are starting to seem a little suspicious, always managing to wrangle their guests into staying longer than intended.)

Have a great weekend!


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