I owe a huge thanks to Kimberly.  When I posted about my chafing issues she suggested 2Toms.  I got my hands on some (thanks, Amazon!) and have noticed a huge difference.  I still have very slight chafing on my chest, but that’s mostly as the skin there is still rough as it heals.  I just roll on a little bit.  It’s not greasy or messy.  It doesn’t stain clothes.  And it lasts for a long time – I did a long run this past weekend and hey – no chafing!  It’s an amazing thing.  (I use it on my chest, underarms depending on the shirt, and waist depending on the shorts/length of run.)


Proof that once again, you guys always have good ideas!


One thought on “2Toms

  1. I’ve never used that stuff! If it doesn’t stain your clothes, I should check it out… since I am all about the Vaseline (as you know, lol).

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