lentil sprouts

Dave and I have been growing lentil sprouts in the kitchen lately.  It’s really easy – soak the lentils overnight, then drain them.  Rinse them every morning and night and drain them well.  And within two days you’ll start to see sprouts!  We generally start eating ours around day four (at which point I move them to the fridge).  I did buy a lid for the jar, to make it easier.


You could use cheesecloth or just strain them every time you rinse, but the lid is easier.  And it’s cheap.

Once the lentils are sprouted use them like you would other sprouts – on sandwiches (my favorite is with hummus in a tortilla), on salads, in stir fry, or just pinched up and eaten plain as a snack!  They’re really high in iron and because they’re raw rather than cooked, they’re even better for you.  They have a crunchy, fresh taste to them that’s amazing.

two day old baby lentil sprouts

We might try some other sprout versions down the road, but we’re really enjoying the lentils right now!

Have you ever grown sprouts?


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