On Thursday Leo had his 18 month check-up.  At the time he had a runny nose but the doctor listened to his chest and said he sounded fine.  His ears looked okay, too, so it was probably just a slight cold (what we had guessed, too).  Fast forward to Friday morning and Leo woke up a mess – heavy, fast, labored breathing.  You could see his ribs moving through his sleeper as he struggled to get full breaths and you could just hear how junked-up his chest was.  He cried pitifully if he wasn’t being held and didn’t have energy for anything.  We literally sat on the couch and watched Blue’s Clues and Barney and Dora because it’s all he could do.  He wouldn’t eat much (a bite and then he would push it away) or drink much of anything either. And he took three naps, which is also unheard of at this point.

sad, sad baby
sad, sad baby

We called the doctor in the morning and got an appointment in the afternoon.  Leo was too tired to even cry much back in the examination room (since about a year he’s recognized the nurse and the room as no-fun shot-getting areas and tends to freak out).  The doctor suspected RSV and we did a breathing treatment in the office.  After the first one, Leo actually smiled a little (the first all day) and his breathing seemed quieter.  We did a second treatment.  As soon as it finished, Leo jumped down and started walking around (also a first of the day).

albuterol for the win!
albuterol for the win!

As soon as we got home Leo drank a bunch of water ate some peanut butter, a scrambled egg, and an orange.  We were so glad, as we were also worried about dehydration.

We got a prescription for albuterol and borrowed a neighbor’s nebulizer so we could do breathing treatments at home.  Leo went down at 6pm on Friday night like normal and we woke him up at 8pm for a treatment.  At midnight Dave and I got up to check on him and listen to his breathing.  It didn’t sound bad, so we let him sleep.  We gave him another treatment at 4:30am on Saturday, but already by that morning he just sounded like a bad cold and was jumping around on couches, playing, eating, and drinking!  We kept up the treatments through the weekend but Leo seemed completely fine and back to his old self.  We’re so grateful that the treatments are so effective and that the worst of it passed so quickly!

In fact, the rest of the weekend was much the same as normal.  I’ve been inspired by Rachel and purging closets and drawers, throwing out stuff, giving stuff to Goodwill, etc.  I filled a couple more bags and reorganized a closet.  It feels so good!  And in all the tossing of stuff, we also acquired something: a new CD player for Leo’s room!


Previously, Leo had my old CD/tape player from high school.  It finally just stopped playing CDs (Leo randomly hitting buttons all the time had nothing to do with it, I’m sure…), so we grabbed a new one.  Leo loves listening to music while he plays and it really chills him out and helps him play well on his own, so we were happy to get him his own radio.  Although buying a CD player nowdays feels really old-school!

Oh, Leo also learned how to squint.  It’s suuuuper cute.


How was your weekend?  Here’s hoping yours did not involve a nebulizer!


4 thoughts on “RSV

  1. Aww! Hey squinty! Hee hee hee! 🙂

    So happy the docs could give you something to help, rather than just telling you to wait it out!

    We had lots of kid stuff this weekend! Wish it included Leo! LOL! 🙂

  2. SO glad he’s better 🙂 We sure did miss hosting you guys this weekend though! Let’s reschedule asap – and try to keep the 3 of our kids healthy…
    Oh, Sully went for his 9 month today – sinus infection…THAT’S why he’s had a cold for 4 weeks…

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