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the first tantrum

Leo gave us his first all-out temper tantrum this morning, complete with crying, kicking, rolling on the floor, wailing.  Dave and I sat at the top of the stairs for a minute or two, encouraging Leo to come up on his own, but then got up and let him work it out.

Here’s the breakdown: Dave got Leo up and took him downstairs to get his snack ready – chex and raisins.  When they went to come back up, Dave asked Leo to walk up – lately Leo has been wanting us to carry him up and down the stairs even though he’s more than capable of doing it himself – and Leo folded into his epic tantrum.

We’re letting him work it out for a bit on his own and then we’ll put him in bed if it doesn’t quit.  This is the first time he’s really gone completely irrational, so it’s more interesting and ridiculous to Dave and I than tiresome.  I’m sure we’ll get to that though, too.

Mosie, meanwhile, is quite upset with all the noise!


Who knew snacks and stairs could cause so much drama!


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