On Sunday morning Dave took over Leo-duty (and postponed his own run) so I could run longer than normal.  It was glorious and felt good to go longer than my weekday runs and I so appreciated him trading off so I could do that.  One thing I didn’t appreciate: chafing.  Try as I might, I cannot get through a long run without some serious chafing somewhere on my body.  I ended this run with blood on the waistband of my shorts, scabs on my chest from sports bra seams (I even wore it inside out to try for flatter seams) and even some chafing on my back!  I’m not really sure what to do to make it stop.  Mid-run I paused to put Vaseline on my waist, as I could feel it starting to rub, and I still ended up bleeding a little.  And sports bras always chafe me.  My current bras – C9 from Target and pretty cheap for sports bras – have been the best so far and they still leave me with scabs.

ouch :(
ouch 😦

I saw two bras at Lululemon (here and here) and thought they might work since they have no seams at all, but they’re fifty-two dollars a pop and I find that ridiculous.  Last time I bought a more expensive sports bra – the Moving Comfort Fiona, which has great reviews – it ended up being the worst bra I’ve ever had and can’t last me past 3 miles without causing blood.  Seriously.

So, give me all your best advice: do I need to just get over it and pony up the money for an overpriced bra?  Do I need to just coat myself in Vaseline pre-run?  Do I need new shorts?  Or do I just need to deal with it because chafing is part of running’s business?

(Sidenote: if the Moving Comfort Fiona bra works well for you, shoot me an email –  I have a barely-used one I’m willing to part with.)


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  1. Good morning also have chafing problems, I use glide on the hot spots and love my CW-X bra, I found it on Amazon for under $40. I think you have to spend some money to get a good bra. I didn’t like Moving Comfort bra either. Hope you find something that works, OUCH!

  2. You poor thing!!! I have only chafed once during a 1/2 marathon but I assume it’s because I get pretty sweaty. Hmmmm, wish I could help – that looks painful!

  3. Ouch!!! That’s some serious chaffage! Looks super painful. I have only minorly chafed once in my life and that was when I wore a shirt that was a little tighter than my usual t-shirt. I’ve never had issues with bra chaffing, so I can’t help you in that area. I attribute that to not having much in front to need support, so I can wear my cheap-o walmart bras and not have to worry about finding a good tight bra with lots of support. Hope you find something that works, because that looks horrible!

  4. I have the same chafing problems as you and I’ve found the c9 to be the best as well. Changing the lube I used has been the best for me. I still use body glide on my chest but I use Dz nuts ( I know, I know but it’s great and available on amazon) on my waist band. It’s more expensive than Vaseline but seems to stay better for me. Might be able to find a sample at a cycling shop as its marketed for men’s nethers while cycling 🙂

  5. I do better with the Lululemon bras and chafe really bad with the c9. I am heading to the Lululemon outlet this weekend if you want me to pick you up one. They are like $19 at the outlet for whatever bra is there! 🙂

  6. I almost always chafe under the girls – so annoying. Try bodyglide instead of vasaline – it works better for me. My best long run bras are the Juno by Moving Comfort – but those chafe where the hook closure is on the back. I have a friend who swears by paper tape (the stuff you’d tape a wound dressing on with). Put that on spots you tend to chafe and it will help.

  7. OMG! Kim, I could’ve written this post. I tried Fiona and STILL have scars on my back, so I wear C9 too! And I just put on a TON of Vaseline. Like a gross, ruin your clothing if it touches it, amount. Keep us updated. I wanted you to feel better!!!

    P.S. Love that you posted this pic. I love seeing this stuff. Yes. I am a weirdo.

  8. When I was volunteering at the HUFF, they had a new (to me) product called 2Toms, which was popular. The company is also a sponsor for the Vets Marathon. AJ (the vets director) had lots of good things to say about 2Toms so it might be worth a try. I also have some Bodyglide for women (unopened) if you want me to ship it your way. I only have to glide the legs during summer. Such a bummer!

    P.S. I’d be all about snagging your bra but your “not much to support” is far more than I have. I have yet to test but fairly certain I could go braless w/no repercussions.

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