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guest post by Dave: new shoes!

About a year ago I got a pair of Vibram’s and told myself I’d ease into them. Well, that didn’t happen. I love to push myself and didn’t have the patience for the short, slow runs that are required to transition into a shoe that minimal. The result: injury.

Nothing major; just a couple months off here and there. Still, it was frustrating.

Kim kept gently (and wisely) suggesting that I try another pair of shoes, and the other week I finally listened.

After doing some research, you won’t believe what I landed on: they’re SKETCHERS. I know. The same company that makes these:

What was I thinking?

Well, I chose the GoBionic’s for several reasons:

1. Runner’s World had good things to say.

2. Olympic marathon runner Meb Keflezighi wears them.

3. They are a “zero drop”, lightweight, minimalist shoe that offer more cushioning than my Vibram’s.

4. They are stinkin cheap! (I found mine for around 50 bucks on Amazon. Whaa?!)

The verdict so far? I like them! They provide the extra support I need for those longer runs on asphalt, fit well, and still help me pursue a more natural midfoot strike.

I’ll still wear my Vibram’s around for walking or short runs on gravel. But for longer runs on asphalt, I think I’ll stick with the GoBionic’s for awhile.

So, here’s to wives that know better than their husbands. And to oddly wonderful shoe decisions.

Thank you, Kim!


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  1. Aww, cool! You are probably the first person I know trying out Sketchers! I am excited to hear more as you continue to use them 🙂 I have been curious about how good they are!

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