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a weekend with the boys

On Saturday Leo and I headed up to Kalamazoo to meet up with Angela and Emitt at the kids’ museum!  (Click on a picture to open the slideshow.)


After the museum we went to lunch, intending to go to this awesome little cafe… except it had an hour wait.  The boys were hungry and nearing naptime so we went to the nearest restaurant, which was sort of “blah” but worked well enough.  We had such a great time with Angela and Emitt and can’t wait to meet up with them again!  Leo crashed out hard on the way home!


On Saturday night Kayla and Graeme rolled in from Chicago!

Leo has mainly played with kids his age or older, so it was fun to see him with a baby (Graeme is 7 months).  Leo would sometimes crawl on the floor with Graeme and at one point dragged a train just ahead of Graeme to encourage him to crawl to him.  Super cute!  He also spent about 20 minutes speed-pushing Graeme in his walker around the dining room table.  Later, he really dug hanging out in the walker himself.

Too big!

It was a full weekend but SO much fun to see friends and hang out!  We loved it!

And a few videos from the weekend:

(Listen for Emitt to declare himself “tall baby!”)


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  1. I can’t believe how big boy Leo looks! Glad that your niece has arrived! And how do you pronounce the second little visitor’s name?

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