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Leo “helps”

Leo helped me in the kitchen yesterday making Dave’s birthday meal.

“helping” clean up the frosting spatula

In the end there were crushed saltines all over the kitchen floor (to help keep Leo busy), crumbs all over the counter, chocolate smeared on the wall (admittedly my fault), a sink full of dishes, and a few tears (when Leo tried to make a break for the living room, chocolate spatula in hand, and I caught him and took away said spatula).  But dinner was made!

veggie lasagna

chocolate cake!

chocolate cake!

Leo even worked on a card for Dave!


We broke our early bedtime last night to stay up and watch The Taste on ABC (with a side of birthday cake, of course).  My cousin, David Kinch, was a chef mentor on the show!

What would your birthday meal be?


2 thoughts on “Leo “helps”

  1. Meal?! I’d love to go out and stuff myself with crab legs, a hot cheese/bread dip, and tuna seshimi (and I forget how to spell that…) w/ at least one glass of moscato and probably DeBrand’s for dessert. Hey, I may be high maintenance when it comes to some things, but this girl knows what she likes.

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