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date night and boots

Dave and I got to go on a date this weekend (woohoo!!!) thanks to Leo’s awesome Uncle Chris and Aunt Melody!  They stayed with Leo while Dave and I got to go see a movie (Silver Linings Playbook) and dinner.  This was our Valentine’s date a little early, which was really sweet of Dave to plan.  For dinner we went to Mod-Mex, which was a new-to-us restaurant but one we had heard good things about.  We loved it.  Their chips were killer (thisclose to being as good as the ones we got in La Porte) and we split a black bean guacamole burrito that was awesome.  Everything is made fresh and you could definitely tell!  So so good!

And because Dave’s birthday is coming up they brought us out some fried ice cream!


In true romanticism we finished off our date with a grocery trip.  Actually, it is romantic.  Grocery shopping is much more fun when you can walk around holding hands and taking your time.

Dave also got his birthday present last week.  Per the usual, I gave his gift to him early.  But this time it made sense!  Dave doesn’t have boots, so I bought him a pair of warm boots to wear when he shovels/snow blows.  And we got snow last week, so he was able to bust them out!

Dave in his boots and Leo in the boot box.

So grateful for this man and for a chance to hang out alone together.  Happy birthday eve, Dave!


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  1. Aww, I saw Dave’s bday on my calendar and was going to ask what your plans were! What fun! And I was going to ask if those chips were as good as the other place. LOL! That burrito sounds awesome!!!

    Love Leo playing in the box!

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