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On Wednesday night I got to hang out with my sister-in-law and play with makeup!  Corrine is a Mary Kay consultant.  I love trying out new products and learning new tips from her, but since she lives in Cleveland it’s rare that we’re actually together.  Corrine suggested a skype makeover and I was all for it!  I put Leo to bed and then met up with her on the computer.


Corrine had sent me all the samples ahead of time, so all I needed was a wet washcloth and a few q-tips for touch-ups.  We washed and moisturized, then put on the makeup.  Along the way Corrine taught me a few really helpful makeup application tips that really made a big difference in how my eyes looked (she takes online classes from a professional makeup artist).  I’ll be doing those in the future for sure.  I also have a set of Mary Kay brushes that I wasn’t sure what all to do with, so Corrine went over what each one was for.  It was so much fun and it felt like we were together.  I loved it!

I really like Mary Kay’s eye shadow and cream eye color and have several of each.  I also like their brushes, compacts, and cream blush.  I know my sister and my mom really like the TimeWise face wash and lotion.

If you don’t have a Mary Kay consultant or you’re looking for a new one, I highly recommend Corrine (and not just because she’s my sister-in-law).  She’s amazing and fun, she’s sweet and caring, she’ll genuinely want to get to know you and learn about you and what you are looking for.  Plus, it doesn’t matter where you live – she’ll skype to meet with you!  Here is a link to her website if you want to contact her!


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