leo learns procrastination

Is 18 months too young to procrastinate?  Apparently not!

Lately Leo’s been working on his procrastination skills – particularly for diaper changes and bedtime.  When we say “let’s go change pants” he’ll often become super interested in a toy he previously cared nothing about.  Or he suddenly really needs to look out the window and point at things.  At bedtime he needs all his stuffed animals to say good night to him and then he needs them to do it again (we stop at one round).  He needs to point all around the room and ask “what’s that?” even though he definitely knows it’s a clock, a window, etc.  He’s had a drink but he needs one more sip and Mr. Carrot needs one more kiss goodnight.

We know Leo is just learning how things work and finding where boundaries are, so we’re happy to play along – being flexible where it’s fine, being firm where it’s necessary.  We actually find it really entertaining and amusing to see what things lead him to procrastinate and how he does it!

Plus, how could you not love that little face?!?


Other new things going on: Leo’s getting really good on stairs, enough so that I don’t feel like I have to be hovering over or around him or even that vigilant.  It’s really nice to be able to relax about it.  It’s also good because Leo really digs playing on stairs.  He’s also got lots of words – yesterday he said “ball” which I figured he knew but hadn’t heard him say.  Also “drink” and “blue” for Blue’s Clues.  And it took one afternoon to teach him to sign “please.”

What a buddy!


4 thoughts on “leo learns procrastination

  1. Max has the stalling thing down pat too. Sometimes we indulge him if it’s not something that really matters, but we have had to limit the amount of times we sing a certain song before bedtime.:) And saying “I’ll only sing it one more time” to a little voice that keeps repeating “sing!” is not easy!:)
    Love this pic of Leo– so cute!

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