our (new) old door

This weekend we finished up our bedroom.  Well, mostly finished.  My mom is currently sewing curtains for the windows so the broken, let-all-the-light-in current curtains can go.  We can’t wait to see them up!

We had a corner of the bedroom that was standing empty.  We used to have a rocking chair in the corner, but we rearranged some other rooms and the chair got moved.  We weren’t sure what to do with the empty space.  We tried moving the bed over but it didn’t make the room feel right.  So we pulled an old door from the garage and propped it up in the corner.  Then we grabbed an old hook (our closets are filled with old hooks) and Dave screwed it in.  A couple of jars and some twine and we were in business!


One of the jars is filled with dried rose petals (flowers from Dave), one has spooled blue ribbon (I’m not sure this one will stay, but I liked the color it brought), and one has some water and a few fresh flowers (also from Dave).  Come spring it will be easy enough to keep that one filled with a few flowers.  And in the winter I can tuck some dried sticks in there or find a good-looking fake flower.


What would you put in the jars?  I’ll definitely take ideas!

(Here and here are more pictures of our bedroom.)


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