onion jam

Remember when I was stranded in PA with my giant extension cord?  I developed a new obsession while I was at my sister’s house: onion jam.  We were listening to NPR the one day and Anna Thomas was talking about green soup and how it starts with a base of onion jam.  Sounds kind of weird, right?  You dice a bunch of onions – four or five – then drizzle them with olive oil and cook them on a low heat, stirring every once in awhile, for 30 minutes or so, until they carmelize and soften into a goopy, browned mass of sweet, delicious onion jam.


You guys, onion jam makes everything better.  Well, I’m not sure about chocolate but at this point I’m willing to bet it might even work there.  It’s magical.  In PA we ate it on slices of french bread with brie and it was mind-blowing.  Here at home we’ve had it scooped on top of kale burgers and spread in tortilla wraps.

The kale burgers were light and fresh and will be made again… preferably with more onion jam.

 If there is one thing I can give you for 2013 it is this: onion jam.  Go forth, my friends, and jam it up.


5 thoughts on “onion jam

  1. Oh gosh. When we have time, we love to caramelize onions in to this and put it on yes, everything! I love onions so much it is ridiculous. There is a burger I like to make with caramelized onions, onion rings and onion straws on it. Nom nom nom.

  2. I heard the same program on NPR. It totally made me want to make it except I am not as patient as you. Looks delicious!

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