roasting red peppers

I’ve been roasting red peppers lately.  It’s pretty fun – a safe way to play with fire – and it makes the house smell amazing.  The end result tastes pretty fantastic, too.

Set the peppers on the burner, turn it to medium high, and use tongs to rotate them as they toast. When they’re done take them off, let them cool, then slice them open and pull out the seeds.

I first roasted a red pepper for a roasted red pepper scone recipe, which sounds insanely amazing and ended up being amazingly dull (whomp whomp).  Then I roasted these two puppies, diced them up, sandwiched them with gobs of homemade hummus between sundried tomato tortillas, and grilled them.  I’d have a picture but… we all ate ours too quickly, Leo included.  YUM.


6 thoughts on “roasting red peppers

  1. I learned to roast tortillas this way on my college trip to TX/Mexico. I even use my fingers which makes the “playing with fire part” even more fun! 🙂 try it sometime!

  2. i learned in israel to grill whole eggplants this way, till they pretty much melt in on themselves and the skin is totally blackened. (kinda messy, but worth it) then mash it up with lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper (maybe tahini) for a super fresh baba ghanoush!

  3. I think we just tried the same recipe…Joy the Baker? I made it on Tuesday night and was kind of disappointed, too. It was a pretty involved recipe for only a so-so result. While the scone smelled amazing while it baked (and the peppers while they roasted), mine was unevenly done in the middle and was not nearly as fluffy and light as Joy’s.

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