a day in the life: 17 months

Leo turned 17 months back on the 19th, so it’s about time I got an update out!  Here’s what’s been going on:

New things: helps clean up toys, blows kisses, can step down stairs on his own, gives nose kisses, had his first haircut (I trimmed the back while he sat on Dave’s lap and watched Blue’s Clues.  It was tricky but turned out okay.), his busy board from Uncle Keegan and Aunt Kelly (what kid doesn’t love door stops?).


Funny things: One of the first things Leo does every morning is point to all the curtains.  He wants them open.  Closed curtains are, apparently, quite annoying.  Thinks it’s hilarious to drink bath water and steal the cap off the deodorant when we set it on the sink.  Leo still has his foot fetish, too, and loves to find feet on people and in books.  He makes everything a phone – remotes, old computer mouses.  Here he’s talking on the mouse with his feet kicked up – one of his favorite things to do.  Can you see him as a teenager already?


Vocabulary: Leo’s been steadily adding to his vocabulary, a little at a time.  So far he’s definitely got that, there, pa, truck, cat, down, no, seebath, yeah, cow, moo, train, car, and stair (although to anyone but us they might not sound like words).  We get the distinct impression he could say a lot more words, but just doesn’t want to put in the effort.  And to be honest, he doesn’t need to since we seem to know what he means when he grunts and points.

FavoritesBlue’s Clues, music, cheerios/crackers, raisins, remote controls, watching videos on our phone (obsessed), playing with his train, covering the floor in couch cushions, baths, sirens and train whistles, turning things on and off, playing in the plastic container drawer, transferring items from one thing to another, pointing at things around the room, stairs, getting chased, balloons, being thrown around/wrestling.  His favorite books right now are First 100 Things That Go, Five Little Ladybugs, Guess Who?, Moo, Baa, La La La, and any dictionary-with-pictures type books.  He also still loves Peek A Who.  Always.

watching Blue’s Clues and clapping to the mail song

Schedule: up at 6am (generally Leo only sleeps in on days that I’m not home… he’s tricky like that).  Milk and cheerios, although more and more he’s been eschewing milk.  Then breakfast around 7 – he shares what Dave is having (either steelcut oats or a green smoothie) and a little of what I’m having, too (generally fruit).  Snack about 9am.  Lunch at 11am.  Nap at noon.  Up around 2pm and another snack (animal crackers or a banana or something easy).  Dinner at 5pm then right into the bath (as soon as he’s down from the table he runs to the stairs shouting “bath!”).  Bed at 6pm.

Leo definitely also has moments where he’s fussy and cranky and wants to control everything just so.  The train falling off the track leads to an epic meltdown.  The fact that he can’t watch a video on the phone ends the world.  In these moments we put him in the crib with a book, turn on the noise machine, and give him some chill out time.  It does us all a lot of good.


Even out of the crib Leo has gotten really good at sitting quietly and looking at books on his own.  Precious.


Every stage is fun, but it’s been really neat to find new games to play with Leo and to watch him grow in understanding of language and how things work.  He’s definitely more toddler than baby now.  And while the high emotion and irrational outbursts are sometimes trying, it’s so great to see his personality and to get to know who he is, what he likes and dislikes, his sense of humor, what gets him excited and what overwhelms him.  I love sitting with him in my lap, his hot little hands on my wrists, as he points to things in a book and asks “that?”  Breaks me open, every day.  We love you, Gusser!


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  1. He is so cute and I love how he is chilling out watching Blues Clues! I love your idea of some crib time to chill out after a freak out. I think I might have to start that with Lucas soon because he can freak out when I don’t let him eat books. Bad mom, right?? hahaha

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