The train rolled in yesterday at 10:20am.  Dave met me with coffee (bless him) and by 11am we were home in time to get Leo fed and down for a nap.

I took yesterday off work so I could catch up and just be home, which ended up being a really good idea.  After being away for five days I definitely wanted some down time with my boys, but I also really wanted to clean the house.  It was a soothing way for me to feel like things were back in order and I was truly home again.  By the end of the day I’d taken a short nap (thank you, Dave!), washed, folded, and put away five loads of laundry (including my hookah-smelling winter coat), unpacked, sweepered the upstairs and downstairs, washed the dishes, cleaned both bathrooms, and made dinner (quinoa and caramelized onions and roasted broccoli).  It felt gooood (and tasted good).  I also got some good time with Leo.  He has a new favorite game of jumping around on couch cushions, so we did that this afternoon:

And then Dave and I got some time to hang out in the evening, too (Downton Abbey!). Let me tell you, it feels amazing to be home again!  Today is back to work, back to running (Oof.  It’s been a loooong time.), and back to the routine!


3 thoughts on “home

  1. Ooo, that is the perfect area for Leo to jump! Too cute!

    So happy to hear you are back home and settled back in. Which season of Downton Abbey are you on? We are rewatching 2. Haven’t seen any of 3 yet!

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