me and my extension cord


I was allowed two carry-ons to the train, so naturally one of them was a 120ft.extension cord. (The cord is actually for our snowblower and was in the trunk of the car. Since the car is staying in PA for a bit I wanted to get the cord home in case we have snow and need it. It’s also a ridiculous carry-on, am I right?). That sucker is a lot heavier than you’d expect.

But a carry-on means YES I am actually on train! We’re currently sitting in Toledo, so it’s not so far now til I’m back with Dave and Leo! Last night Kelly and Keegan drove me up to Erie. We grabbed dinner at Chipotle and then they took me to the train station…except it was closed until midnight (the train was at 1:36am). K&K suggested we go see a movie, but it was already near ten and they had an hour drive home on snowy roads, so I told them no. There was a hookah bar right next to the station, so I bought a coffee and hung out there. I was able to plug in my phone and watch a movie. At midnight I went over to the station and found out the train was running late so I grabbed a nap stretched out on the bench.

The train arrived at 3:30am and we loaded on. Despite the weird time and running late, it’s a pretty great way to travel. Comfy, warm, and requiring nothing from me.  The ticket cost less than I would have paid for gas home. I think Leo would dig it, too.

As for the car, we did get a much more reasonable estimate for it, so it’s getting fixed. When Kelly has the baby I’ll take the train back out to see her and drive the car home.

We’re just about to cross into Indiana now. I smell like hookah, I ate cookies for breakfast, I could use a shower and a toothbrushing, I’ve worn the same jeans the last five days and my eyes feel gritty-tired. It’s been a fun adventure and the extra time with Kelly and Keegan was the best, but I am definitely ready to see my boys!


4 thoughts on “me and my extension cord

  1. What a great story. I know you wish the travel would have been less of a hassle, you the plusses are that you came away with extra time wtih Kelly and Keegan and a great story to share! Plus now you *have* to go visit your niece/nephew shortly after the birth to retrieve your car. Glad you are getting home safely.

  2. I have about 30 things for you to do here at work. So whip yourself into shape! Glad you made it home safely.

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