failure to launch

spaghetti pie, green soup, brie and onion jam and bread

The initial plan was to drive home Sunday morning, getting back when Leo was waking up from nap time and in time to watch football with Dave.

Then the brakes went out on the car, so I was here another day. We (me, my sister, and my brother in law) took the car to a second mechanic when the first quote came back crazy high. I worked from my sister’s office on her laptop. We drank tea and ate cookies and both got a lot done, especially for a Monday.

Second plan: I purchased an Amtrak ticket to get home – leaving 1:36am and arriving in Indiana at 8:25am. I’d be home Tuesday to see Leo and give Dave a break.

Then a big lake effect snowstorm came up over Erie, making the roads too dangerous to drive to the train station, and I switched my train ticket to Wednesday (same times, different days). I’ll get home eventually, right?!?


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