no stopping


I’m in Pennsylvania, hanging out with two pups and two fun crazies (my sister and brother in law). I came in Saturday for my sister’s baby shower and meant to leave Sunday morning, but 10 minutes from the house I realized my brakes were all but gone. My sister’s house didn’t have power because of high winds, so we took the car to town (my brother drove) and left it with a mechanic for today (burst brake line and leaking fuel line). In the meantime we killed time downtown until the power would be back on. That night we returned and – hooray – power! We made spaghetti pie, green soup with caramelized onion jam, and chocolate chip cookies, along with gouda and brie and bread and watched a movie… so clearly I’m really suffering as I’m stranded here! Seriously though, fingers crossed that the car is fixed (for relatively small $$) and the snow is minimal so I can get home to Dave and Leo soon!


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