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going on a Mosie hunt

Thanks for all your sweet comments on my haircut!  I am loving it!

So an update on Mosie, since she rarely gets talked about around here anymore.  Leo is still giddy every time he sees Mosie and tries to chase her down.  So far he’s only touched her a handful of times – generally when we’re holding her so she can’t get away!  Once Mosie was sleeping and Leo snuck up on her and got a touch, but she sprinted away before he could pat her again.

Mosie responds immediately to Leo’s noise machine now, too.  When we turn it on to get him ready for bed she starts lurking in the hallway, waiting for us.  She’s super needy and wants a lot of affection when Leo first goes down, but then she eases up.  Her favorite times are definitely when Leo is not around!

Mosie’s current favorite thing is hardboiled egg yolk.  She can hear the crack of an eggshell from a different floor and is promptly in the kitchen, meowing for her share.

Here’s a fun video of Leo going on a Mosie hunt:


5 thoughts on “going on a Mosie hunt

  1. Hi Kim – I haven’t commented lately but I’ve still been following you! BTW, LOVE LOVE LOVE your haircut. You look beautiful! I also LOVED this video. I just read another fun blog post on cats and babies at Writing Chapter Three. So cute!!

    Leo is adorable and your family is so much fun to read about.

    We’re doing great too. Ayla is 14 months now and running around like crazy. It’s so much fun!

    Just wanted to pop in and say HI!

  2. My gosh! Look at Leo almost attempting to go down the stairs on his own!!!!!

    Aww, I love the Mosie updates! It’s too funny! Leo’s all “Hi! I love you! Let me touch you!” And Mosie’s all “No. Way. Buddy!”

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