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Guess what?  We still exist over here!  It’s been awhile – Friday I took a sick day to hang home with Leo and his cold (lots of runny nose, runny eyes, cough, and slight fever).  Saturday he seemed to be doing better but Saturday night was rough – Leo couldn’t settle down to sleep and then woke up a few times during the night.  I was so worried he had the start of another ear infection.  Sunday afternoon Dave and I were planning to get away – our first time getting out since Leo was born (aside from dates) – so I spent most of Sunday morning in tears, unsure of what we should do.  Leave him and potentially make our friends miserable?  Stay and lose out on our trip?  In the end, he seemed to be doing fine and wasn’t pulling on his ears at all, so we decided to go for it.  We met up with Shannan and Cory at 3pm and traded Leo off.  We are so grateful for incredible friends like them who are happy and willing to bring Leo into their family for a few days and we knew Leo would have a blast playing with their kids and hanging out.

We drove on to Serenity Springs in La Porte.  Dave and bought a Living Social deal over a year ago and we had friends who had stayed and loved it.  In a time-travel move we arrived at the same time we left, since La Porte runs on Chicago time.  We were loaded into a horse-drawn carriage and taken along to our cabin!


The cabin itself was beautiful and cozy – heated floors, a king bed, whirlpool, loft, deck.  Throughout our stay the workers would leave surprises via a butler’s door – they would place something into a little box on our front porch and flip on a light.  We would see the light come on and then open the box (accessible to us from inside the cabin).  They left cheesecakes, carriage ride invitations, little games, candy, breakfast basket, fresh eggs from the chickens on the property, etc.  It was always fun to see the light come on and to check the box!  We packed food to eat and also used the grill to scramble eggs and grill Boca chik’n burgers.


On Monday we took a cold-but-fun carriage ride through the woods


and then headed to La Porte for dinner.  We’d read some great reviews about a place called Mucho Mas.  Dude.  It was amazing.  The burrito was really good – crispy, really well-seasoned tofu, super fresh ingredients, vegan cheese – but the chips and salsa were what really knocked us over.  The salsa was all freshly made and the chips – oh my word.  I will never look at a tortilla chip the same way again.  They were layered in flakiness and perfectly crisp and salty.  I’m ruined forever on chips now.  And seriously considering driving an hour just to eat there.

Tuesday morning we packed up and headed home, picking up Leo in time to see him for just a bit before he crashed out for a long nap.  He did really well while we were gone – hooray! – and while he was happy to see us, didn’t seem fazed at all that we had been gone – hooray!  Mostly he was just happy that we brought him back the “Happy Anniversary!” balloon that was in the cabin for us.



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  1. What a wonderful trip! I am so happy to hear you were still able to go. That little surprise box is such a cool idea.

    It sounds like we need go to this restaurant together. Nom nom nom. Ughghghg, we love fresh salsa and homemade chips!!!

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