killer combos

“Killer” in a good way:

spaghetti noodles + pesto + marinara + spinach balls.  Yowza.  This was one delicious meal!

unseasonable warm weather + Leo.  Leo’s got the start of a cold – cough, runny nose – and was cranky yesterday from being cooped up.  Dave took him on a walk to the library but instead of using the stroller, let Leo walk beside him.  It took awhile and he had to carry Leo a few times because Leo didn’t want to listen, but Leo came home dirty, damp, and very very happy.

IMG_20130109_151709 IMG_20130109_145316

“Killer” in a not-so-good way:

sleeping in + running.  I’ve been extra tired lately (no, I am not pregnant) and been sleeping longer in the mornings.  So… running hasn’t resumed yet.  Whoops.  I am completely the opposite on New Years resolutions, apparently.  Laziness for the win!

graduate class + life.  I’ve just started taking my first grad class (I’m enrolled in a certificate program for my job).  I’m already feeling the squeeze of “oh crap, how does this fit in with everything else?”

And on a completely unrelated note, I’m getting my hair cut next week.  Suggestions or ideas please?!


6 thoughts on “killer combos

  1. Those are some killer combos. I’ve been wondering how you can maintain 4 am mornings and running for an extended period of time. I think I’d be in bed by 6. Right now I’m exercising after work (first time ever) and I’m liking it. As for hair, I’m partial to the look of straight, longer and blunt bangs. Not sure if that’s your style – just something I like.

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