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starting the year at a walk

Most people start the new year amped up with new goals and challenges, recommitted and refreshed.  And then there’s me.

I haven’t run since Christmas Day.

After Christmas we had family at our house, then we were traveling.  We got home and I was in full vacation mode, not to mention tiiiired (in the span of 10 days we did Chicago, home, Fort Wayne, home, Fort Wayne, home, Ohio, home).

I’m all about taking a break when I need it or just feel like it, so I’ve been rolling with it and walking at an incline most mornings.  I expect I’ll jump back to running later this week.

And just in case I needed extra motivation, I’ve signed up for my first 2013 race – the Wisconsin Half Marathon on May 4.  The best part: roadtrip/weekend hangout/race fun with Kimberly, Bobbi, and Kim (also, apparently, the half marathons of Kims).  I’m not sure what other races I’ll do for 2013 yet, but I’m keeping my eye out for a spring marathon and any other half marathons that are a decent price.  I’ll most likely go for the Presque Isle marathon in September again – that remains my all-time favorite race and course.

What races are you doing in 2013?  Do you have a spring marathon suggestion for me?


3 thoughts on “starting the year at a walk

  1. There are still openings in the Bayshore Full up in Traverse City Memorial Weekend. Not sure you want to race again so close after Wisconsin, but it’s worth a thought and wouldn’t be too horrible of a drive for you. I’m doing the half for the first time this year.

  2. What a busy travel schedule this holiday! Take your time getting back. You have tons of it 🙂

    AHH! I am so excited you signed up! There are a ton of bloggers doing this race, and my brother-in-law is doing it, and I am just so pumped to see everyone and hang out! AHH! Do you plan to run it with Kim? 🙂

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