over the weekend

Our weekend was a typical hodge-podge of activities.  Leo and I took a trip to Joann Fabrics and Hobby Lobby on Saturday and then I hemmed up a roman shade and backed it with blackout lining.  The end result was a letdown – the thin fabric of the roman shade showed the stitches in the sunlight and the curtain hangs just enough from the window that a good amount of light gets in around the curtain (although not through it – the blackout lining does its job well).  So – whomp whomp – that’s still in process and we’ll see where things go.  Brainstorming to be done, I think.

There was also reading and cleaning and the hanging of a giant 30lb. mirror.  This was actually quite the feat, considering our walls are plaster and hanging stuff can be pretty tricky.  Also, there weren’t studs in the wall, so Dave found special load-bearing wall screws for it.  It’s been up for over 24 hours though, so I think we have a good chance of it not crashing to the ground anytime soon.  High five to Dave for figuring this one out and getting it done!


Leo and I also got to hang out with one of my best friends, Richele.  She’s currently 19 weeks pregnant.  Leo adored her and cried – hard – when she went to leave.

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Sunday we took a super cold and brief family walk, made pancakes (with the addition of cocoa butter), watched football with a friend (sad day, Colts), and ate popcorn and brownies.  Not too bad and naturally, I want six more days of weekend please (really I just want Christmas break back).

What did you do this weekend?


8 thoughts on “over the weekend

  1. Our weekend included lots of family fun (day trip to Magic Kingdom, playground time and dinner with Grandma and Grandpop to name a few)- but I too long for the Xmas break back. I also made my third batch of Crack Bark this weekend thanks to your recommendation before the holidays. John and I are hooked on the stuff. So good!

  2. What a nice weekend! 🙂 I love that pic of you and Leo and Richele! 🙂

    Where did you put up the mirror?

    We had a whirlwind weekend in KC! We arrive at 11:00 pm Friday and got back at 10:30 pm last night! I am exhausted!

  3. Can you send me some details about those load-bearing screws? We also have plaster walls/no studs and have avoided hanging shelves and whatnot for that reason!!

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