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party animals

We took down the Christmas decorations yesterday and put up a few new things in their place.




The basketball hoop was a Christmas gift from Dave’s parents and we’re very excited for Leo to see it tomorrow morning! We expect it to be a big hit.

Leo’s been big into copying things we do, like pretending to write.  Last night Dave sat down on the stairs and started tapping his feet and Leo immediately sat down next to him to copy him!

Dave and I celebrated the new year in typical wild and crazy fashion: sparkling grape juice, chocolate chip cookies, Downtown Abbey, pajama pants, and an elementary-age bedtime.  Win.


Possibly the worst picture of us of 2012.

I also squeezed one last prank on Dave – the return of the creepy plastic babies… in the almond milk.  Somehow he didn’t find it when he shook the container or poured it into his glass or when he was drinking, but when he finally finished the whole glass.


I’ll be recapping a few things in the next couple days – running, books, etc.  I’m not even sure what my mileage total for the year is but I’m excited to find out!

How was your new years?  Did you stay up late?  Do something crazy?


One thought on “party animals

  1. New Year’s Eve party: major headache 😦 Really horrible game 😦 left at 12:05 to relieve our babysitter and pass out on tylenol overtaking the entire bed (or so I’m told) until kids woke us up a little befoer 8. Yay 🙂
    I am all about starting some serious pranking. I need some ideas

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